It really is the strangest thing that still instantly takes you to a place of grieving. For me, 9 times out of ten, it’s the simple act of seeing something I think my mom would like and wanted, so badly, to share it with her.

This time, it was a cover of June Carter and Johnny Cash’s 1963 song “Jackson” by Trixie Mattel and Orville Peck.

Well now, we got married in a fever, hotter than a pepper Sprout…


It’s a great cover, but that’s really not the thrust of why I got sad. My mom loved country. It was one of her go-to genres of music (the other “genre” was just the Eagles discography), but I certainly couldn’t say the same. Except, there was always a place in my heart from country music from the 60s. The kinds of songs that would be a top hit if they were covered by Nancy Sinatra. (“Jackson” was in fact covered by her in 1967 and reached 14 on the Billboard charts.)

I also love covers and Trixie mattel and Orville Peck. I especially loved that my mother loved the 60s-country-sounding songs that I had played her by Trixie.

So, that’s where my brain went this afternoon when I saw the new music video and I had a nice little cry.

Colbert, GA

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